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Pressure Vessel Fatigue Analysis :-

Adding to the list of many “FIRST”, ASMETECH ENGINEERS is proud to share, that it has been awarded a job to carry Fatigue Analysis of Pressure Vessel. Under the contract, ASMETECH has to carry out Fatigue Analysis of Pressure subject to fluctuating Pressure. The vessel is for Nitrogen service and is to be designed for 2,25,000 Life Cycle subjected to pressure fluctuation ranging from 20 barg to 30 barg. Vessel shall be designed, meeting to the requirement of ASME Section VIII Division 2.

Below is the design data of the Vessel :

  • Design Code - ASME Section VIII Div-I 2010 Edition, 2011 Addenda
    Fatigue Analysis Code - ASME Section VIII Div-2 2004 Edition
  • Design Pressure - 33.5 Bar (g)
  • Design Temperature - 100 °C
  • Corrosion Allowance - 1 mm
  • Radiography - Full
  • Capacity - 7 m³

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