ASMETECH under takes detail engineering of process plant based on basic Design Package. The details engineering of the process includes the following:

  • Study and Review of the Basic Engineering Design (BED) Package
  • Development of piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) form PFDS
  • Utility mass and heat balance & it's respective P&IDs
  • Specification of effluents
  • Hydraulic Calculations
  • Single phase pressure drop calculation Pump Hydraulics
  • Pump Hydraulics
  • Two phase pressure drop calculation
  • Pressure drop calculation in network

Equipment Sizing and Process Data Sheet(PDS) of the following:
  • Distillation Column
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Storage Tank
  • Two phase separator (Horizontal/ Vertical)
  • Three phase separator (Horizontal with weir/ Horizantal with boot/ Vertical)
  • Flare K.O.Drum(Horizontal/ Vertical)
  • Thermal Rating of shell & tube heat exchangers
  • Pumps and Compressors etc.
  • Process Calculation for safety System
  • Estimation of PSV loads for various contingencies
  • Relief Valve Sizing Calculations as per API 520, 526
  • Estimation of PSV intel outlet line sizing
  • Flare header network sizing
  • Flare stack calculations
  • PV, RV, EV calculations for atmospheric storages
  • Material Design basic as per Process parameters
  • Flare Header Sizing
  • Flare Network
  • Line List, Static & Rotating Equipment List and Instrument List
  • Datasheet for packaged items
  • Fire Water System (Storage Tanks, Pumps, Headers, Sprinklers)
  • DM Water System Design
  • Cooling Water System Design
  • Hazard and Operability Study

Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP) containing all data needed by a competent contractor to perform the Detail Engieering.